Marc Lemire

Mack Lamoureux of VICE Canada has just published a solid piece exposing the fact that the City of Hamilton has employed former neo-Nazi leader Marc Lemire for years in their IT department. Lamoureux credits the Anti-Racist Canada blog for their work on documenting Marc Lemire’s history in the neo-Nazi movement in developing his story.

I believe there are two further things worth noting in considering whether Marc Lemire should be an employee of the City of Hamilton and hold any sort of security clearance there:

1. The Federal Court found that Marc Lemire worked for years for Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. In fact, Marc Lemire was part of the reason that Ernst Zundel was declared a national security threat to Canada and deported to his native Germany where he spent five years in prison for his anti-Jewish hate propaganda – these are quotes from the Federal Court decision:

[35]Furthermore, Wolfgang Droege and Marc Lemire, two successive presidents of the Heritage Front, spent a lot of time in Mr. Zündel’s house. Mr. Lemire, the last known president of the Heritage Front, was working for Mr. Zündel part-time, and then full-time for many years until Mr. Zündel left for the United States.

[39] If, as Mr. Zündel said, the Heritage Front, a group described as the most powerful racist gang to hit Canada since the real Nazis back in the Dirty Thirties, was not a good idea, then why would he hire the president of that organization, Mr. Lemire, as a part-time and then full-time employee in his own personal residence?

Further, Lemire was involved with Wolfgang Droege, his colleague in the Heritage Front who was a convicted terrorist who once plotted to overthrow the government of Dominica and as documented in the excellent book Bayou of Pigs by reporter Stewart Bell.

2. In 2002, I filed a successful federal human rights complaint against Alexan Kulbashian and James Scott Richardson who were running a neo-Nazi group called the “Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team”. The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision upholding the complaint can be read here.

Richardson and Kulbashian had been the subject of a criminal investigation by the London Police Service Hate Crimes Unit as a result of their hate propaganda. During the human rights tribunal hearing against them, police officer Terry Wilson was subpoenaed along with the police records to give evidence showing that Richardson and Kulbashian were responsible for the content on the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team website.

The evidence given by Terry Wilson included a September 2001 online chat file that came off of James Scott Richardson’s computer that was seized. The chat was filed with the CHRT as evidence in the case and is public record. I used it (and other chat transcripts) to help establish that Richardson was responsible for the CECT’s website content. In the chat, a user named FdaJEWS calls out Richardson about Kulbashian.

For the reasons below, I believe that Marc Lemire was the person using the online name FdaJEWS [which I think a reasonable person would translate as “Fuck da JEWS”] in the chat:

1) FdaJ knows about s. 13(1) of the CHRA in Sept 2001 – Lemire was involved with and worked for Zundel – Zundel was the first s. 13 Internet complaint, and the CHRT hearings had just wrapped up in Feb 2001 (the decision had not yet been rendered so there was little public attention)

2) FdaJ says he “put a link to you guys on my website” and then gives the URL as: – Lemire openly claims responsibility for owning and operating Freedomsite.

3) when WPCANADA asks FdaJ if he is “still with that broad”, FdaJ asks if Richardson means “melissa” – Lemire dated Melissa Guille until at least Dec of 2000 – M Guille was/is the leader of the Canadian Heritage Alliance – CHRT decision against her and her group here.
and – pic of Lemire and Guille all cuddly like in December 2000

4) Richardson asks FdaJ what the hf [Heritage Front] is up to – FdaJ responds that they were just denied permission to join the adopt-a-highway program – Lemire was found to be the last known leader of the neo-Nazi Heritage Front after deceased convicted terrorist Wolfgang Droege by Justice Blais of the Federal Court:

[35]Furthermore, Wolfgang Droege and Marc Lemire, two successive presidents of the Heritage Front, spent a lot of time in Mr. Zündel’s house. Mr. Lemire, the last known president of the Heritage Front, was working for Mr. Zündel part-time, and then full-time for many years until Mr. Zündel left for the United States.

[39] If, as Mr. Zündel said, the Heritage Front, a group described as the most powerful racist gang to hit Canada since the real Nazis back in the Dirty Thirties, was not a good idea, then why would he hire the president of that organization, Mr. Lemire, as a part-time and then full-time employee in his own personal residence?

If it is Lemire, I believe that the following things are noteworthy:

1) Lemire is engaged in a friendly inter-movement chat with James Richardson, a co-founder of the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team
2) Lemire admits that he had Kulbashian (someone he knew was running a group called the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team) as a contact on his ICQ chat list. During the chat he breaks and contacts Kulbashian directly via chat to test Richardson’s theory about Kulbashian being smart.
3) he acknowledges that Kulbashian “has helped me out in the past”
4) Lemire is using a handle that would reasonably be interpreted as short for “Fuck da JEWS”
5) Lemire acknowledges having linked openly on the Freedomsite to a group called the “Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team” and promoted their group as well to others
6) Lemire tells the co-founder of this same group that he has never been against the idea of pooling resources with them
7) he promotes the idea of a 3rd party scamming some woman he’s dating for her $ and then leaving
8) when FdaJ refers to the Heritage Front, he refers to it as “us”
9) refers to his then girlfried as “my bitch”
10) he makes jokes about his former girlfriend Melissa Guille’s brother Andrew Guille (convicted for distribution of child pornography in 1999 and sentenced to 15 months imprisonment – calling him “the pervert”

Session Start: Thu Sep 06 01:24:23 2001
[01:24:23] Session Ident: FdaJEWS (
[01:24:24] fdajews> hows shit bro
[01:24:36] wpcanada> not tobad man
[01:24:39] wpcanada> getting better
[01:25:18] wpcanada> what about you
[01:26:05] fdajews> not too bad either.
[01:26:08] fdajews> hows shit with cect
[01:26:23] wpcanada> good good, we started a newsletter
[01:26:29] wpcanada>
[01:26:37] wpcanada> we are expanding into england
[01:26:54] fdajews> ya i got a few copies of it by E-Mail
[01:26:56] fdajews> looks good
[01:27:01] wpcanada> thanx
[01:27:06] wpcanada> it needs to be better
[01:27:12] wpcanada> but I ma under staffed
[01:27:13] wpcanada> LOL
[01:27:17] fdajews> i ran into a few old guys in Toronto, and they were wondering about alex. like how he has so much money and shit
[01:27:19] wpcanada> too many progects
[01:27:21] fdajews> i think it is ok.
[01:27:22] wpcanada> not enough time
[01:27:34] fdajews> but he is giving all these people web space, po boxes, etc
[01:27:42] fdajews> I went to WWF with a bunch of guys this week
[01:28:13] wpcanada> hmm
[01:28:17] wpcanada> cect pays for it
[01:28:30] wpcanada> we have lots of servers
[01:28:37] wpcanada> and we do it for free
[01:28:49] wpcanada> and most of the po box is from the same place
[01:28:52] wpcanada> why
[01:28:56] wpcanada> what are people saying
[01:29:14] fdajews> i donno. You know this movement is full of paranoid type people
[01:29:34] fdajews> just they for a guy who is on the computer 24/7 how does he have so much money
[01:29:42] fdajews> they said something else, just can’t recall right now
[01:29:50] fdajews> something about who he hangs out with
[01:30:29] wpcanada> hmmm, probably people with thier thumb up their ass no doubt, he has an iq of 174… he works all dya, and uses a comp at work
[01:30:44] wpcanada> spends alot of his personal dough on donating web space
[01:30:53] wpcanada> we are the best web hoster in our movement
[01:31:02] wpcanada> and it is from donations and dedication
[01:31:16] wpcanada> who does he hand with
[01:31:27] wpcanada> if you havesomething to say then say it man
[01:31:31] wpcanada> dont beat the bush
[01:32:13] fdajews> hmmm little defensive there
[01:32:18] wpcanada> I need to be
[01:32:27] fdajews> if i had something to say about him, he is on my ICQ, I would say it to him
[01:32:32] wpcanada> I have alot riding on shit
[01:32:40] wpcanada> its my job to be defensive
[01:32:46] fdajews> I think he is ok, and he has helped me out in the past
[01:32:52] wpcanada> ok
[01:33:17] wpcanada> my opinion
[01:33:22] fdajews> well I also heard last week that I am a cop, so it was a fun week
[01:33:25] fdajews> all told
[01:33:25] fdajews> lol
[01:33:31] wpcanada> he is the best thing that has come to this movement in yrears
[01:33:35] wpcanada> he knows more
[01:33:38] fdajews> that I am building a database on the ARA.
[01:33:45] wpcanada> he is smarter then 99% of the goons out there
[01:33:46] fdajews> lol. I am like, thats not me doing that.
[01:33:53] wpcanada> he has more to offer then anyone
[01:33:57] fdajews> you in love with him man?
[01:34:02] fdajews> lol
[01:34:06] wpcanada> he knows many many people all over north america
[01:34:33] wpcanada> nope
[01:34:39] wpcanada> it is a big respect
[01:34:43] fdajews> well it’s about time we get some shit going
[01:34:59] wpcanada> I would give up 100 skins for his smartnes
[01:35:03] wpcanada> and awarenes
[01:35:08] fdajews> so if he helps, I’m not going to stand in his way
[01:35:11] wpcanada> he pivks everyuthing up
[01:35:18] wpcanada> lets do iyt
[01:35:18] fdajews> but I would question the IQ of 174
[01:35:20] fdajews> lol
[01:35:23] wpcanada> LOL
[01:35:25] wpcanada> I did too
[01:35:32] wpcanada> ask him something tough
[01:35:41] wpcanada> he is a mental machine
[01:35:50] wpcanada> lets get something going
[01:35:53] wpcanada> lets do it
[01:35:56] wpcanada> do it right
[01:35:59] wpcanada> do it big
[01:36:09] wpcanada> and make one hellofa point doing it
[01:36:26] fdajews> ahh he’s ok for a serb
[01:36:28] fdajews> lol
[01:36:36] fdajews> hey is mike jedig hanging with you guys now?
[01:37:17] wpcanada> serb?
[01:37:50] fdajews> lol i donno
[01:38:45] wpcanada> brb
[01:40:52] fdajews> hey who is Stockwell Day’s chief advisor?
[01:40:53] fdajews> alex: dunno
[01:40:53] fdajews> me: hey in the human rights code, what section if the hate crimes part under?
[01:41:09] fdajews> alex: don’t remember
[01:41:11] fdajews> HAHAHH
[01:41:40] wpcanada> cant remember.. hold on
[01:41:45] wpcanada> last amenment
[01:41:57] fdajews> huh?
[01:42:31] fdajews> days’ chief advisor, Jason Kenny. Hate Crimes = Section 13 (1)
[01:44:59] wpcanada> so what is hf
[01:45:03] wpcanada> up to
[01:45:38] fdajews> just got refused the adopt a highway shit
[01:45:40] wpcanada> ammendment
[01:45:46] fdajews> was all over the radio in Toronto in in the paper
[01:45:49] wpcanada> I seen that man
[01:45:53] fdajews> what ammendment?
[01:45:56] fdajews> are you talking about?
[01:46:00] wpcanada> did you expect any diff.?
[01:46:13] wpcanada> corrected my spelling
[01:48:19] wpcanada> you dont like cect do you?
[01:48:52] fdajews> what makes you say that?
[01:48:53] wpcanada> just a feeling I sometimes get
[01:49:02] fdajews> I put a link to you guys on my website
[01:49:12] fdajews> I promoted you to people out west
[01:49:26] fdajews> you have some good people with you
[01:49:26] wpcanada> when did you put a link up
[01:49:38] fdajews> i donno . a few months ago
[01:49:43] fdajews> actually I put your address
[01:49:44] wpcanada> hmmm
[01:49:50] wpcanada> I did nt see it
[01:50:00] wpcanada> sweet
[01:50:18] wpcanada> I e-mailed you today to exchage links with us
[01:50:42] fdajews> no shit
[01:50:48] fdajews> I didn’t look at my E-Mail today
[01:51:14] fdajews>
[01:51:19] fdajews> C.E.C.T.
[01:51:19] fdajews> P.O. Box 1061
[01:51:19] fdajews> 31 Adelaide St. East
[01:51:19] fdajews> Toronto, Ontario
[01:51:19] fdajews> M5C 2K4
[01:51:20] fdajews>
[01:51:38] fdajews>
[01:51:42] fdajews> C.E.C.T
[01:51:43] fdajews>
[01:51:43] fdajews> E-mail:
[01:52:28] wpcanada> sweete
[01:52:32] wpcanada> sweeet
[01:52:36] wpcanada> thanx
[01:52:43] wpcanada> then why dont we do shit
[01:52:49] wpcanada> why dont we pull resources
[01:53:09] fdajews> i have never been against that
[01:53:26] fdajews> it seems like you, melissa, and others always think I am against them
[01:53:33] fdajews> must be something I am doing wrong. I donno
[01:53:51] fdajews> I like to relay to others what I hear. Just like I hope you would do the same to me
[01:54:14] wpcanada> it just sometimes I never har from you
[01:54:35] fdajews> well, I go to school full time. I am busy.
[01:54:37] wpcanada> and I cant understand when two grupds with many resources dont get shit gooing
[01:54:50] fdajews> it’s hard for me to get much free time anymore. not like I used to
[01:54:58] fdajews> thus it is very hard for me to organize
[01:55:01] fdajews> anything.
[01:55:47] wpcanada> are you still with that broad
[01:55:57] wpcanada> we just uploaded your link
[01:56:02] fdajews> which one
[01:56:04] fdajews> ?
[01:56:08] fdajews> melissa?
[01:56:38] wpcanada> noowindsor broad
[01:57:16] fdajews> ya I see her still
[01:57:28] fdajews> she has lost like 20 pounds dood
[01:57:33] fdajews> lookig not too bad
[01:59:33] wpcanada> sweeet
[02:00:25] fdajews> you still in hamilton?
[02:00:31] fdajews> we should get together some time
[02:00:43] wpcanada> off and on, lOL I am a vagabond now
[02:00:48] wpcanada> but yes
[02:00:52] wpcanada> we should
[02:01:02] fdajews> hows the guys in Kitchener?
[02:01:27] wpcanada> not to bad, drunk and fightimng like usual
[02:01:27] fdajews> Paul Fromm has two meetings coming up, if you want to tell you trusted guys about it. I’ll give you the info.
[02:01:34] fdajews> 1 is in Kitchener, the other in Toronto
[02:01:37] wpcanada> ok
[02:01:52] fdajews> it is a German political prisoner speaking.
[02:01:58] fdajews> what E-Mail address should Isend it to
[02:02:06] wpcanada>
[02:02:29] wpcanada> whats his name
[02:03:02] wpcanada> I will be there
[02:03:25] fdajews> Gunter Deckert
[02:03:29] fdajews> I just E-Mailed it to you
[02:04:11] wpcanada> ok great
[02:04:48] fdajews> I’m not sure if it will be all that great, since I don’t know if deckert is a good speaker, but he was a big guy in Germany
[02:07:00] wpcanada> I will bring a few lads maybe 10 or so
[02:07:06] wpcanada> its wed. soI dont know
[02:07:28] fdajews> ya Wed in Kitchener
[02:07:31] fdajews> Fri in Toronto
[02:07:39] fdajews> I just told Alex about the friday one
[02:08:25] wpcanada> he is going to friday
[02:08:30] wpcanada> I will do kitchener
[02:08:47] fdajews> cool. sounds good
[02:08:48] wpcanada> maybe we can do security
[02:08:50] wpcanada> TCS
[02:08:57] fdajews> if the ara shows up, I’m sure you can give them a “warm” welcome :)
[02:09:04] fdajews> ya would be a good idea
[02:09:11] wpcanada> sweeeet
[02:09:15] wpcanada> they hate us there
[02:09:19] fdajews> i doubt they will tho
[02:09:31] wpcanada> LOL we beat up charney and ichim a few weeks back
[02:09:46] fdajews> hey what ever happened to that guy in Brantford .. bud? I have not heard from him in a while
[02:09:56] fdajews> HAHAHAHAHAH ichim! LOL
[02:09:57] wpcanada> he is in cali
[02:09:58] wpcanada> LOL
[02:10:05] fdajews> poor guy, first his E-Mail, now arm in a cast
[02:10:07] wpcanada> I kicked his ass
[02:10:12] wpcanada> broke his glasses
[02:10:13] fdajews> HAHAHAH CALI! with that chick. man….
[02:10:15] fdajews> hahahhahaha
[02:10:24] wpcanada> hahahaha yeah
[02:10:28] wpcanada> and she is a bitch
[02:10:35] fdajews> hhahahahaha bet he wasn’t shouting “smash the nazi’s scum then
[02:10:48] wpcanada> and she watches oprah all day
[02:11:00] wpcanada> hges moving home
[02:11:05] fdajews> HAHAHAHAH oh god
[02:11:19] fdajews> you knew she was a nut when she called him 24 hours a day!
[02:11:37] wpcanada> she isnt even racist
[02:12:13] fdajews> fuck dood, that is shit
[02:12:18] fdajews> no wonder he is going to dump her
[02:12:23] fdajews> get her cash and beat it
[02:13:33] wpcanada> lol yup
[02:13:56] wpcanada> haha poor bud
[02:14:07] wpcanada> gets his dick wet for the first ti,me
[02:14:10] wpcanada> and she is a bitch
[02:16:17] fdajews> hahaha finally lost her virginity
[02:16:33] fdajews> hey does melissa brother chris still hang around?
[02:16:43] fdajews> i was hoping that both of them would not fade out of the movement
[02:17:20] wpcanada> ??? I havent heard really anything
[02:17:29] wpcanada> the odd newsletter here and there
[02:17:50] fdajews> ya but I mean, he doesn’t hang out with you guys?
[02:18:15] fdajews> that kind of sucks. We got to a point where lots of people were hanging out, then it dropped off
[02:18:17] wpcanada> nooo
[02:18:46] wpcanada> yeah
[02:19:09] fdajews> oh well, she wrote me a nice letter she sent to the minister of transportation about us. I guess she is still hanging around on the net a bit.
[02:19:18] fdajews> oh well, too bad. sad to see another group go
[02:20:00] wpcanada> her mistake was getting her young brother involved
[02:20:23] fdajews> oh him! lol
[02:20:26] fdajews> i forgot about that
[02:20:36] fdajews> no I mean chris. was chris still hanging around. not the pervert
[02:20:38] fdajews> hahahahahahaha
[02:20:43] wpcanada> nooo
[02:25:44] wpcanada> Ihavent heard fromc chris at all
[02:26:37] fdajews> damn thats too bad
[02:26:47] fdajews> he isn’t in jail for certain files on his computer too is he
[02:26:49] fdajews> hahahahaha
[02:27:02] wpcanada> LOL I hope not
[02:27:16] fdajews> hahah
[02:27:25] fdajews> i’ll see if I can come to that meeting on Wed
[02:27:29] fdajews> bring my bitch along
[02:28:19] wpcanada> sweeet
Session Close: Thu Sep 06 02:34:53 2001