• “Law Society of Manitoba charges Peter Nygard’s lawyer for professional misconduct”
    “Law Society charges Jay Prober over public comments he made about Peter Nygard’s alleged victims” – CBC News – 26 August 2021.
  • “Law Society of Manitoba ordered to investigate complaint against Peter Nygard’s lawyer”
    “The Law Society of Manitoba has been ordered to investigate a professional misconduct complaint against Winnipeg lawyer Jay Prober for comments he made about women who allege they were sexually assaulted by Peter Nygard.” – CBC News – 9 October 2020.
  • “Lawyer files criminal complaint against ‘pseudo law’ follower accusing Alberta judge of sedition”
    “Richard Warman said it’s important to take such threats seriously after the 2007 murder of a judge in Ottawa by another ‘sovereign law’ follower – National Post – 3 September 2020.
  • “Ottawa human rights lawyer says comments made by Peter Nygard’s lawyer go too far, files complaint”
    “An Ottawa human rights lawyer says Jay Prober has crossed the line while defending his client Peter Nygard against sexual assault allegations, and that he has filed a professional misconduct complaint with the Law Society of Manitoba.” – CBC News – 29 June 2020.
  • “Ontario court issues peace bond against white nationalist leader over alleged threats”
    CBC Radio – As It Happens
    “The Ontario Court of Justice on Monday issued the peace bond against Kevin Goudreau, head of the Canadian National Front. It orders him to remain 200 metres away from Ottawa lawyer Richard Warman, a board member of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, for 12 months.” – CBC Radio – As It Happens – 13 August 2019.
  • “Punching Nazis With the Law”
    “Who’d have thought we’d have a Nazi problem in 2017? Richard Warman did.” podcast with host Jesse Brown on Canadaland – 11 September 2017.
  • Editor of racist newsletter fighting Canada Post ban
    Charles Mandel – National Observer
    26 April 2016
    “Richard Warman, a prominent human rights lawyer in Ottawa, said the CCLA [Canadian Civil Liberties Association] has intervened in a number of cases he’s prosecuted in order to “support the right of neo-Nazis to spread hate propaganda attacking our fellow citizens who are targeted by bigotry.”
    However, Warman noted that the courts have rejected the CCLA’s “U.S.-style arguments.”
    “I would have hoped they would be more focused on the civil liberties of the victims than their oppressors, but that’s their choice to make,” Warman said.
  • Ottawa lawyer files human rights complaint accusing Canada Post of delivering hate propaganda
    CBC Radio – Ottawa Morning
    22 June 2016
  • Complaint filed against Canada Post and federal government over offensive newspaper
    Toronto Star
    24 April 2016
  • Complaint filed against Canada Post for east Toronto tabloid
    Globe and Mail
    22 April 2016
  • Complaint slams Canada Post for distributing offensive newsletters
    Charles Mandel – National Observer
    22 April 2016
  • Lawyer urges Canada Post to halt distribution of extremist newsletter
    National Observer
    8 March 2016
  • Court dismisses appeal of Warman libel judgement
    Ottawa Citizen
    14 December 2015
  • Ezra Levant apologizes to human rights lawyer Richard Warman
    Georgia Straight
    11 June 2015
    Noting apology by Ezra Levant on settlement of libel actions against Levant, Quebecor, Sun News TV (now defunct), Kathy Shaidle, Catherine McMillan, et al.
  • Warman Victorious in ‘Legal Odyssey’
    Law Times (front page)
    3 February 2014
    Article by Yamri Taddese covering successful libel action against Connie Fournier, Mark Fournier, Jason Bertucci, and Roger Smith that resulted in damages of $42,000 and a costs award of $85,000 following a marathon 11-day jury trial.
  • Hate Speech Goes Viral
    Moment Magazine (US)
    Nov-Dec 2013 issue
    Established by Elie Wiesel and Leonard Fein, Moment Magazine’s Josh Tapper asks 8 leading legal scholars and activists, what should be done (if anything) about online hate speech?
  • Federal Court Upholds Contested Hate Speech Law
    Ottawa Citizen
    3 October 2012
    (Discussion of judicial review decision by Justice Mosley of the Federal Court upholding the constitutionality of s. 13 and the violation by Marc Lemire)
  • Creeps and bums: Ontario’s neo-Nazi transplants give Calgary a black eye
    Calgary Herald
    9 June 2011
    (The Calgary Herald editors writing on the problems of neo-Nazi activity there reach for metaphor in their kind and continuing praise of my work – “attack-dog human rights lawyer Richard Warman”)
  • Calgary’s In Your Face Neo-Nazis Take to the Streets
    Globe and Mail
    Josh Wingrove
    19 March 2011
    (article on Calgary’s Aryan Guard/Blood and Honour gang includes comments on need for united community/police/political response to neo-Nazi organizing)
  • This mayoral candidate is too hateful to simply ignore
    London Free Press
    Joe Belanger
    11 September 2010
    (article condemning entry of neo-Nazi into London mayoral race and discussing my successful previous human rights complaint against the individual)
  • US Judge Okays Death Threats Against Canadian
    Reader’s Digest
    Craig Segal
    September 2010
    (Description of judge overturning jury conviction of US neo-Nazi Bill White for death threats against me – case under appeal)
  • Standing up For Victims of Hate
    Shalom Life
    Maureen Belej
    25 July 2010
    (article looking at my work around hate group activity and especially on the Internet)
  • Former U Sask. lecturer charged after alleged racist postings on websites
    Star Phoenix (Saskatoon)
    Betty Ann Adam
    25 June 2010
    (Article on decision by Justice Sean Harrington of the Federal Court to refer Terry Tremaine to full hearing for contempt of Federal Court order – order was result of previous successful human rights complaint against Tremaine by Richard Warman)
  • Online hate leads to two arrests (Quebec)
    Montreal Gazette
    Anne Sutherland
    20 June 2010
    (Interview after two arrests made in Quebec alleging use of social media like Facebook and Youtube to spread hate propaganda)
  • Lawyer told police of bigoted site in ’05
    Featured parent in present custody case
    Winnipeg Free Press
    Mike McIntyre
    A5 – 28 May 2009
    (Article on the Winnipeg child custody case involving parents associated with the neo-Nazi movement who were alleged to be unfit for a number of reasons unrelated to their political beliefs)
  • “War of the Words – Richard Warman and the battle over the right to free speech versus the outlawing of hate.”
    Canadian Lawyer
    Front cover article/photo
    March 2009
  • Court upholds $40,000 Web defamation award
    Freedom-of-speech defence fails to sway appellate panel in case over comments made about human-rights lawyer
    Globe and Mail
    Kirk Makin
    16 December 2008
  • “How Two Canadians Helped Nab America’s Top Neo-Nazi”
    (US neo-Nazi leader Bill White indicted after grand jury testimony from Canadian human rights lawyer Richard Warman and Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber)
    Globe and Mail
    Colin Freeze
    A1 – 12 Dec 2008
  • “Racists, crusader stuck in a hate-hate relationship”
    Globe and Mail
    Kirk Makin
    A3 – 20 Sept 2008
  • Anti-racism activist wins libel judgement
    Ottawa Citizen
    24 November 2007
  • “One Man’s War on Internet Hate”
    Ottawa Citizen
    Don Butler
    Front Cover article/photo
    July 2007
  • ‘Heroic’ hate fighter brings the battle West
    Edmonton Journal
    16 July 2006
  • White supremacist jailed for nine months
    Globe and Mail (Canadian Press)
    13 July 2006
    (Article on sentencing of Tomasz Winnicki of London, Ontario for contempt of court after Winnicki disobeyed a Federal Court order to stop posting hate to the Internet. Winnicki’s sentence was later reduced to roughly 3 months on appeal as a result of a procedural issue.)
  • Ontario man accused of posting internet hate
    12 June 2006
    (Article on federal human rights complaint against Craig Harrison of Georgetown, Ontario for postings calling for murder of blacks, Aboriginals, francophones and Trudeau family)
  • Web messages hate, Tribunal rules
    Globe and Mail
    Richard Blackwell
    11 March 2006
    (Article on federal human rights complaint against Alexan Kulbashian of Toronto, James Richardson of London, and their group the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team.)