Glenn Bogue – LSO Theatre of the Absurd

7 July 2020
Theatre of the Absurder.

The Law Society of Ontario and the Law Society Tribunal of Ontario seem absolutely incapable of bringing an end to the abuses of suspended lawyer Glenn Bogue. In the latest installation on 4 June 2020 the Law Society Tribunal Appeal Panel says that during a teleconference hearing on 8 April 2020, Bogue was disrespectful and threatened the Tribunal member.

I would guesstimate that this circus has cost Law Society of Ontario members and Ontario citizens at least $500,000 by this point.

Law Society of Ontario v. Bogue, 2020 ONLSTA 11 (CanLII)

[7] He raised his voice continually, refused to let anyone else speak, and spoke over them whenever they tried. He addressed the participants in a disrespectful manner and issued threats. For example, he advised me that I was trespassing at great peril, and that I should either consent to his requested transverse of this matter to an Indigenous tribunal, or I would personally become a defendant at the International Court of Justice in The Hague and that I would be charged accordingly.

[8] I dismissed the Lawyer’s motions on the basis that his conduct constituted an abuse of process, without prejudice to his ability to bring his motions again upon filing the required materials. I indicated that reasons would follow.

[9] After the teleconference, the Lawyer sent me his “Decision of KIT” where he stated that I demonstrated bias, that I had no jurisdiction, that I interrupted him, improperly called him “Sir,” and that the entire hearing was an attempt at cultural genocide.

The Strokes – The End Has No End

7 May 2019
Theatre of the Absurd.

That’s the only way to describe the unprofessional conduct proceedings by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) against paranoid conspiracy theorist (and sometime lawyer) Glenn Bogue.

I previously wrote about portions of the Bogue Law Society Tribunal hearings that I attended on 8/9 January 2019 here. That was bad enough, but the more I learn about the case the more it looks like it has just spiralled out of control to the detriment of Bogue, the Law Society Tribunal, and the LSO and all our members and citizens who are paying for this.

Bogue is the subject of unprofessional conduct hearings because he brings appeals in the wrong courts, gets the law wrong, advances baseless Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Arguments (OPCA), alleges conspiracies between Justin Trudeau/the Queen/the Pope and files lawsuits against them for $3 quadrillion dollars, etc., etc.

But it gets worse – I note the following:
1. At the opening of the Tribunal hearing on 8 January 2019 before I arrived, Bogue attempted to have counsel for the LSO removed because he’d been convicted of “treason” by an imaginary court, called the Ottawa Police to try and stop the hearing (they actually attended), and then had his client “Grand Chief Buffalo Eagle” (real name William Allan Baldwin) come forward and try to order the Tribunal Chair to leave “because she was trespassing on unceded territory.” Seriously. (paragraphs 38-40)

2. Despite being suspended from the practice of law, Bogue is continuing to practice law hiding behind his fake name “Spirit Warrior” as recently as a hearing before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice held 3 April 2019 in Kingston where he represented his client William Baldwin (aka “Grand Chief Buffalo Eagle”) – that case is here.

3. It takes 60 paragraphs of a Tribunal ruling (paras 7-67) just to describe all the procedural steps that have been taken so far in what I believe are Bogue’s efforts to (wildly successfully) jam up the process and delay being disbarred. The cost to LSO members and citizens of Ontario for all of this is difficult to imagine.

4. Bogue claims to be a late-in-life “non-status Métis” and wears a Métis sash based on his membership in the “Kinakwii Nation”, an online “rent-an-Indigenous-identity” scam run by William Baldwin/Grand Chief Buffalo Eagle. I believe this to be a profoundly repugnant case of cultural appropriation and disgraceful conduct for Bogue as a lawyer in its own right. It’s informative that the hearing at paragraph 2 above was for criminal charges against William Baldwin including 3x fraud over $5,000, fake Indian status identity document charges, and failure to appear in court (paragraphs 9-10).

It’s like Glenn Bogue read Franz Kafka’s ‘The Trial’, and decided to use it as a handbook to attack the LSO and Law Society Tribunal. To date, both seem completely unable to bring a timely halt to Bogue’s abusive litigation practices that he’s now applying to them as he did in his brief supernova litigation work.

I note in closing that perhaps the only hope is that the LSO and Tribunal read and apply the recent brilliant decision of Associate Chief Justice Rooke of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench (Unrau v National Dental Examining Board) that thoroughly examines abusive litigants and provides a road map on how to deal with them. As with ACJ Rooke’s Meads v Meads decision that has become the leading case in dealing with Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument litigants, the Unrau decision offers hope and a possible lifeline to the LSO and Tribunal – ACJ Rooke did the heavy lifting and indicates the best time to address abusive litigation conduct is as soon as it begins to appear.

That time has long past in the Glenn Bogue saga, but better late than never.

21 January 2019
Glenn Bogue – Law Society Tribunal hearing

My theatre degree prepared me for some things related to practicing law including the ability to employ the ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ on occasion and that helped a lot when I attended the recent Law Society Tribunal hearings into Glenn Bogue on 7/8 January 2019 in Ottawa.

Glenn Bogue is a suspended member of the Law Society of Ontario and the Law Society Tribunal hearings were meant to deal with two motions, one of which was a ‘new’ challenge by Bogue to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal and the other was a motion by Bogue to vary or rescind the interim suspension order against him.

Of note, although Bogue was called to the Bar in 1985, he indicates he ran a construction business in Pennsylvania for roughly 30-years and did not work as a lawyer. Bogue only began practicing law in Ontario in 2015 with the first complaint of unprofessional conduct received on 18 March 2016 and four more received by 17 February 2017. Bogue was suspended in April of 2017.

On 15 September 2017, the Law Society brought an application to have the Law Society Tribunal determine if Bogue was disabled from practicing law by virtue of incapacity under sections 37 and 38 of the Law Society Act. Those provisions permit the Tribunal to order a medical/psychiatric examination to determine capacity to practice. On 6 July 2018, the Tribunal ordered Bogue to attend an evaluation with a psychiatrist.

After a roundabout route, this ultimately resulted in a psychiatric evaluation report that was completed on 29 November 2018 and filed with the Tribunal by the Law Society on 4 December 2018.

The report is roughly 31-pages, but the crux of it is a diagnosis by the psychiatrist that Glenn Bogue “suffers from a delusional disorder with grandiose and persecutory subtypes” and doubts about whether treatment would be accepted or effective. Given Bogue’s indication that he will continue to act in the same manner as a lawyer that gave rise to the unprofessional conduct allegations, the psychiatrist concludes that “I think it is reasonable to posit that Mr. Bogue may thus find himself in conflict with the courts or the Law Society Act.”

Both motions by Bogue were dismissed by the Tribunal in decisions on Motion 1 and Motion 2. The broader proceedings around Bogue are continuing, but below are (very) rough notes taken from the hearings. Caveat that there may be errors, represent only portions of the hearings over two days, and are not a transcript.

With regard to the claim by Glenn Bogue to be “non-status Métis” and a member of the “Kinakwii Sovereign Nation”, I note that there has been previous study of the legitimacy or non-legitimacy of the Kinakwii and that their website indicates that for the low-low price of $300 per year, anyone can become a member of their “private, sovereign, Indigenous nation.”

In closing, I would like to personally thank all those whose professional lives have brought them into contact with this case and wish them the continued patience of Job.

Law Society Tribunal
re: Glenn BOGUE
7 January 2019

E = J Elcombe, lawyer for Law Society of Ontario

Bogue insisting the panel refer to him as “Spirit Warrior” – they’re actually doing it
Bogue complains he wanted a circle format for the hearing and Tribunal refusing – Bogue says we’re under “military format”
Ceremony of giving of gift to Tribunal of tobacco
Tribunal chair goes out to meet a “grand chief” in the hallway according to Bogue

“Clan Mother White Bear” says short prayer – Bogue notes on Algonquin land

Bogue says he submitted notice of change of jurisdiction as required under US Uniform Commercial Code to Indigenous law
Didn’t submit to Law Society of Ontario (LSO) – Bogue arguing LSO lawyers have committed treason according to Treaty of Paris and this is finding from someone (unclear)
– Bogue asking that LSO lawyers leave the community – they had been issued notices to appear and they didn’t before Bogue’s tribunal
РBogue claims his family came in 1635 and are M̩tis
Bogue desk is covered in 15 piles of paper
– Bogue talking about seizure of children from clients of his
– “international world court” in Netherlands has agreed to hear their case re children
– Bogue saying he was referred to as ‘freeman’ by Prothonotary Lafrenière in Fed Court and that it doesn’t get any worse than that
– Bogue says 2 of the panelists qualify as original French parts of the Métis group so they’re ok
– panel is staring at him like he has 3 heads
– Bogue still in the middle of the hearing room
Bogue has Métis sash on his desk – says he’s “non-status Métis” – family from North Bay
wants to cross examine LSO lawyer Renae Oliphant – says court has given him permission to do so
Bogue says he is a ‘well decorated scholar’ – offended that he’s accused of espousing conspiracy theories

– panel says we have 2 motions before us
– Bogue – Algonquin filed lien with law society on 12 January 2019 – “we own this land”
– Bogue asking to add 41 justices and lawyers as respondents to the motion and that he has subpoenaed them – Bogue wants to question them about their roles in taking of his clients’ children – a Nuremberg type tribunal will happen – he’ll make that motion this afternoon
– Bogue missed 2 family members’ weddings b/c of law society suspension and inability to earn income
– claims neither psychiatrist that he saw as a result of a Law Society Tribunal order was qualified to examine him

– Bogue knows all this will stop with this panel
– Bogue says the North Bay clan Mother knows the origin of human species in Ethiopia – after that he was declared in need of psych assessment
– Bogue ordered Ottawa lawyer duty counsel Bill Trudel to be here today and he’s not here

– Bogue talking about the CAS case again
– Bogue says he won $14m for Client M and they’re enforcing
– Bogue says this has been 24 months of living hell for him
– “our nation was dissed by the law society”
– Bogue wearing spirit catcher shirt
10h20 – Bogue says there’s a notice from Kinakwii Nation to change jurisdiction

– E responding – says he hasn’t seen most of the docs – isn’t sure what nature of the jurisdiction argument is – Bogue hasn’t served the constitutional motion on the federal and provincial Attorneys General (AG) as required
– E asking if it’s okay to show co-counsel Renae Oliphant the proposed cross-examination questions – Bogue says no, he doesn’t want that
– Bogue says Elcombe is a “lovely man”
– Bogue referring to himself “I’m a smart guy”
Bogue says law society investigation team is ‘lazy’
– panel asks that he be more respectful

Tribunal members S Clement and S Richer and H Ross (chair)

– B says “Ms Oliphant and me have always gotten along”

– Bogue says he didn’t have to serve AGs with constitutional challenge b/c his law is Indigenous law and it’s all in equity
– World court is not a corporate court
– Bogue tells panel “you are on Algonquin land, we’re permitting you to continue so far” – panel says you seem to be arguing you want an Indigenous panel again
– B: we’ve filed lien against parliament hill for $127B and we’ve enforced with a commercial lien

– Bogue claims he can now re-argue all his previous motions bc previous panel recused themselves
– Bogue had previously brought emergency motion to reinstate his licence to practice so he could make money to go to his daughter’s wedding
– Bogue complains that 2 people from law society haven’t respected the invitation from the “clan Mother” to appear today

– Bogue argues that 4.2.1 rule enables Aboriginals to ask for their land back if there’s a breach of the Crown’s fiduciary duty
РBogue says his dad lied to him for 60 years about his M̩tis status
– his indigenous family owns everything from Manitoba to Newfoundland
– talking again about a child custody matter where he represented the parents
– “we’re either going to make history here together or we’re going to go to the world court”

– Spirit Warrior sued for $2 trillion on instructions of Clan Mother
– panel asking – you want us to acknowledge that we’re under equity and don’t have to follow the rules or previous decisions?
– I want to bring these 41 judges and lawyers into the dock beside me – adding them as ‘necessary parties’
11h00 – break

7 Jan 19 (16h10)

Bogue now wearing a Métis sash belt
Bogue cross-examination by Law Society counsel – Spirit Warrior declines to swear/affirm – says in Aboriginal law, we always tell the truth
LST notes Bogue said he always tells the truth
6 Apr 18 email from Bogue filing complaint to College of Physicians re Dr Bloom
issue 4 – alleges Dr Bloom failed to contact references for him (Mr. Collins) who said he was intelligent
talking about chakra, aura fields, magnetic fields, complaining that Bloom (and Klassen) had no knowledge of such things
issue 13 – messianic – anyone who takes up cause of Aboriginal sovereignty
16h20 Bogue talking about Bloom saying during their meeting, Bloom had mentioned being a Jew 2x and that “Jews and Jesus didn’t get along too well” so he was concerned this was going to affect the report by Dr Bloom

8 Apr 18 email from Bogue to Mr. Mogul, Dr Bloom’s lawyer to quash subpoena to Dr Bloom or the “Aboriginal invitation” to testify as to what transpired in Dr Bloom’s interview with him
2017 – says he didn’t have the $ to get a private mental health assessment, LSO offered to pay – Bogue looked at U of T – he wanted Dr Clancy from U of T
North Bay clan mother had told him that if he brought sovereignty arguments that LSO would bring into question his mental capacity
Bogue eventually asked Bloom to consider resigning from the evaluation

4 Jan 19 – last Friday E says he sent email to LST scheduling coordinator re evaluation
Bogue objected to capacity application
30/31 Aug 18 – Bogue discussion w/Klassen – concerned that K’s report was delivered only at deadline for admission for hearing – didn’t spend much time talking to his child who is an int’l journalist
conspiracies – Bogue prepared doc in Fed Ct case with Client M – paras 82-83 – conspiracy theory re vatican/queen/private banks/privy council/Prime Minister
Bogue says he doesn’t know what the meaning of a conspiracy theory is
brings up oath of PM – secrecy of discussions btwn PM/Privy Council – this means that secrets are being kept – under Aboriginal law, we want full disclosure
Bogue admits it was a conspiracy – but not a theory, it’s a fact based on the findings – it’s a cartel, the Vatican, Queen, HSBC, privy council, and PM
Bogue statement of claim in Fed Ct – alleges conspiracy re banking structure – comes from the Chiefs –
16h43 – concludes cross-examination

panel gives Bogue 45 mins to make submissions
Bogue repeatedly making references to himself in 3rd person
says Fed Ct litigation was in Aboriginal law – approved by 2x Chiefs
LSO should be obliged to move quickly when issues are genocide, sovereignty of Métis people, and seizure of children
nurse + 3x lawyers at LSO approved request for psych assessment for him
this led to the “fiasco of Dr Bloom and lesser fiasco of Dr Klassen”
panel asks Bogue to refer to years when giving dates – Bogue says “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you’d read the materials” – panel asks him to assist the panel by using years
says his clients are suffering due to his inability to represent them
16h52 – Bogue going into legal issues

8 Jan 19

11h20 – panel has considered Bogue motion filed 19 Apr 18 – request to alter/rescind 12 Apr 18 order suspending Bogue’s interlocutory suspension from practice – panel rejects Bogue’s charter motion
now establishing timelines for LSO’s motion

Bogue asks E to provide list of all his clients that are involved so that panel members can confirm they have no conflicts of interest – panel denies that they have any conflicts

11h30 – E beginning submissions referring to aff’d of R Oliphant “non-public” (24 Mar 17)
competent service to the public – substantial evidence supporting risk to public and administration of justice and suspension should be made permanent pending
referring to multiple examples of Bogue’s legal work demonstrating risk to clients, judges, lawyers, opposing parties
Bogue has “based submissions in numerous matters on int’l conspiracy theories that strike as patently bizarre”
Bogue’s conduct relates not to a single instance, but multiple
referring to one email as “rambling, illogical, and quite concerning”
refers to statement of claim filed by Bogue in Feb 16 – suing judges in ON and AB
Bogue objects to E referring to him as a “lawyer”, says his proper persona is “Spirit Warrior” – E says he’ll attempt to do so
names Queen, claiming millions of $ in damages
E back to calling him “the lawyer”
refers to plaintiffs as “sentient beings who are unnumbered”
Bogue objects again re Spirit Warrior and E apologizes
refers to AG of O as “representing the Crown corporation of ON” – that the Queen 25 Feb 13 conviction by World Ct in Brussels of murder of thousands of Aboriginal children

E referring to child apprehension cases where B represented parents
notes duelling Sup Ct vs Fed Ct civil litigation – Fed Ct litigation naming Queen, PM, GG, CAS, HSBC and its affiliate central banks, the Algonquins of ON, Client M – content same/similar to ONSC litigation but also declaration that orders of OCA in 2x cases are overturned/enjoined
E back to referring to “the lawyer”
review of the lawyer’s work product belies his supporters’ claims that his legal knowledge is extensive
many of the lawyer’s work product include conspiracy theories including explicit references to Queen engaging in such
18 May 16 Bogue email to opposing counsel – Bogue cautions “govern yourself accordingly, we are in historical times” – makes common cause and adopts position of client
B demonstrated poor judgment and lack of civility through para 46 regarding Justice Laforme of Ontario Court of Appeal whom Bogue called “a biased judge” fired by Bogue’s client as an “incompetent drunk”
27 Oct 16 Bogue letter to McLachlin CJ describing Div Ct hearing in Ottawa re Swinton J – attending Ct as observer, gowned, asks to intervene in case and told he has no standing
conduct in BC criminal proceeding РBrown J РR v Anderson РBogue brought motion to adjourn and that BCSC relinquish juris to M̩tis clan mother
Brown J – memorandum is difficult to follow, conspiracy theories, material with no logical connection to a legitimate defence for Ms. A – Brown J then rejects all of Bogue’s submissions
argument that Canada is crown corporation listed on NYSE – Brown J says there’s no evidence and is irrelevant to proceeding
Rev Can is subsidiary of IRS – US constitution has no relevancy to case
subsequent analysis replete with “irrelevant” and “immaterial”
Bogue references to ITTCS – Brown J “unknown to this Ct” and irrelevant
mitochondria submissions
Brown J indicates submissions by Bogue resemble those of Freemen on the Land
18 Oct 16 – Brown J reasons continuing
12h00 – left hearing