Glenn Bogue – LSO Theatre of the Absurd

Theatre of the Absurd.

That’s the only way to describe the unprofessional conduct proceedings by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) against paranoid conspiracy theorist (and sometime lawyer) Glenn Bogue.

I previously wrote about portions of the Bogue Law Society Tribunal hearings that I attended on 8/9 January 2019 here. That was bad enough, but the more I learn about the case the more it looks like it has just spiralled out of control to the detriment of Bogue, the Law Society Tribunal, and the LSO and all our members and citizens who are paying for this.

Bogue is the subject of unprofessional conduct hearings because he brings appeals in the wrong courts, gets the law wrong, advances baseless Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Arguments (OPCA), alleges conspiracies between Justin Trudeau/the Queen/the Pope and files lawsuits against them for $3 quadrillion dollars, etc., etc.

But it gets worse – I note the following:
1. At the opening of the Tribunal hearing on 8 January 2019 before I arrived, Bogue attempted to have counsel for the LSO removed because he’d been convicted of “treason” by an imaginary court, called the Ottawa Police to try and stop the hearing (they actually attended), and then had his client “Grand Chief Buffalo Eagle” (real name William Allan Baldwin) come forward and try to order the Tribunal Chair to leave “because she was trespassing on unceded territory.” Seriously. (paragraphs 38-40)

2. Despite being suspended from the practice of law, Bogue is continuing to practice law hiding behind his fake name “Spirit Warrior” as recently as a hearing before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice held 3 April 2019 in Kingston where he represented his client William Baldwin (aka “Grand Chief Buffalo Eagle”) – that case is here.

3. It takes 60 paragraphs of a Tribunal ruling (paras 7-67) just to describe all the procedural steps that have been taken so far in what I believe are Bogue’s efforts to (wildly successfully) jam up the process and delay being disbarred. The cost to LSO members and citizens of Ontario for all of this is difficult to imagine.

4. Bogue claims to be a late-in-life “non-status Métis” and wears a Métis sash based on his membership in the “Kinakwii Nation”, an online “rent-an-Indigenous-identity” scam run by William Baldwin/Grand Chief Buffalo Eagle. I believe this to be a profoundly repugnant case of cultural appropriation and disgraceful conduct for Bogue as a lawyer in its own right. It’s informative that the hearing at paragraph 2 above was for criminal charges against William Baldwin including 3x fraud over $5,000, fake Indian status identity document charges, and failure to appear in court (paragraphs 9-10).

It’s like Glenn Bogue read Franz Kafka’s ‘The Trial’, and decided to use it as a handbook to attack the LSO and Law Society Tribunal. To date, both seem completely unable to bring a timely halt to Bogue’s abusive litigation practices that he’s now applying to them as he did in his brief supernova litigation work.

I note in closing that perhaps the only hope is that the LSO and Tribunal read and apply the recent brilliant decision of Associate Chief Justice Rooke of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench (Unrau v National Dental Examining Board) that thoroughly examines abusive litigants and provides a road map on how to deal with them. As with ACJ Rooke’s Meads v Meads decision that has become the leading case in dealing with Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument litigants, the Unrau decision offers hope and a possible lifeline to the LSO and Tribunal – ACJ Rooke did the heavy lifting and indicates the best time to address abusive litigation conduct is as soon as it begins to appear.

That time has long past in the Glenn Bogue saga, but better late than never.