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11 September 2017
“Who’d have thought we’d have a Nazi problem in 2017? Richard Warman did.” “Punching Nazis With the Law” podcast with host Jesse Brown on Canadaland.

6 August 2017 – On the death of Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel

Below are the link and conclusions from Justice Pierre Blais of the Federal Court of Canada finding that Zundel was a national security threat, upholding the security certificate against him, and thus clearing the way for him to be deported back to Germany where he then served his five-year prison sentence. I think it bears noting that it was Holocaust-survivor Sabina Citron’s three-paragraph complaint under s. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act that eventually caused Zundel to flee to the US, lose any claim to permanent residency in Canada, and ultimately be punted back to Germany. Sabina Citron deserves high praise for showing persistent courage in challenging Zundel’s hate mongering and ridding Canada of our most notorious Holocaust denier whom a German judge subsequently described as a “moral arsonist”:

Re Zundel Federal Court Decision

[111] Faced with the evidence that was provided by the Ministers, I have no hesitation in concluding that pursuant to section 33 and to paragraph 34(1)(d) of the IRPA, there are reasonable grounds to believe that Mr. Zündel is inadmissible on security grounds for being a danger to the security of Canada.
[112] Mr. Zündel has associated, supported and directed members of the Movement who in one fashion or another have sought to propagate violent messages of hate and have advocated the destruction of governments and multicultural societies. Mr. Zündel’s activities are not only a threat to Canada’s national security but also a threat to the international community of nations. Mr. Zündel can channel the energy of members of the White Supremacist Movement from around the world, providing funding to them, bringing them together and providing them advice and direction.
[113] It would be illusory to believe that the White Supremacist Movement is receding. While it is true that the detention of Mr. Zündel may have taken the wind out of the sails of his followers, the White Supremacist network is still very much alive and active. The use of the Internet has created new methods of communication which have replaced traditional ones. No longer must halls or pubs be rented in order to have meetings; rather, communication can now take place easily and anonymously between adherents of the White Supremacist Movement, as well as anyone else curious enough to visit websites or log onto chat rooms dedicated to keeping this network alive.
[114] Although not all of the 1.2 million monthly visitors, as mentioned by Mr. Zündel, to the Zundelsite are members of the White Supremacist Movement, that volume, on only one website, is an indication of the potential influence this means of communication holds. Many of those actively involved in maintaining this network, individuals such as Mr. Klatt, Mr. Rami, Mr. Lemire, Mr. McAleer and particularly his spouse, Mrs. Rimland, are close associates of Mr. Zündel.
[115] The physical presence of Mr. Zündel is not necessary to maintain the sustenance of this network. Nonetheless, Mr. Zündel’s freedom following two years of incarceration, would no doubt galvanize the White Supremacist Movement. Mr. Zündel has the funding, the support, an established infrastructure, a means of communication to the masses via his Zundelsite as well as numerous individuals who are prepared to do his bidding. Mr. Zündel is capable of bringing all this back together and once again spurring the White Supremacist Movement.
[116] In this case, I have no doubt regarding the fairness and legality of the process and I have no doubt that the evidence in support of the certificate conclusively established that Mr. Zündel represents a danger for the security of Canada and that the certificate signed by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and the Solicitor General of Canada is reasonable.

July 18, 2017 – To the person purporting to be Marc Lemire – if one of the reasons you’re seeking to contact me is to publicly apologize and retract the Anne Cools nonsense, then by all means, get in touch again by the end of tomorrow and I’ll consider it evidence that you’re serious.