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July 18, 2017 – To the person purporting to be Marc Lemire – if one of the reasons you’re seeking to contact me is to publicly apologize and retract the Anne Cools nonsense, then by all means, get in touch again by the end of tomorrow and I’ll consider it evidence that you’re serious.

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July 12, 2017 – Individuals with a long history of involvement with the neo-Nazi movement have announced they are holding an event at Toronto’s Richview Public Library tonight.

I think the Toronto Public Library should be aware of the following with regard to organizers/speakers Paul Fromm and Marc Lemire:

– Paul Fromm has a decades long association with the neo-Nazi movement in Canada and has twice been barred from holding events on Parliament Hill by unanimous Parliamentary votes as recently as May of 2016. Based on evidence that came out during my human rights complaint against James Scott Richardson/Alexan Kulbashian/the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team, I believe there is substantial evidence to support that Marc Lemire used the online name “FdaJEWS” (ie. Fuck The JEWS), attacks Aboriginals as “chugs”, Pakistanis as “pakis”, and wrote “When I grab my sawed OFF, Niggers get hauled OFF”. The Federal Court found Marc Lemire to be the last known leader of the violent, neo-Nazi Heritage Front group (para 49) and that Marc Lemire worked “to develop websites to disseminate messages of racial hatred and to incite violence.” The Federal Court also found Marc Lemire was a full-time flunky for Holocaust denier and national security threat Ernst Zundel.

Justice Pierre Blais:
[49] I also have reservations concerning the scope of Mr. Zündel’s knowledge of Mr. Lemire and his involvement in the Heritage Front. I believe that Mr. Zündel was well aware of Mr. Lemire’s presidency and particularly of the efforts of Mr. Lemire, a computer expert, to develop websites to disseminate messages of racial hatred and to incite violence. (Re: Zundel, 2005 FC 295 at para. 49)

Finally, Marc Lemire is subject to a permanent injunction to stop spreading hate propaganda through the Internet.

If that’s not good enough for the Toronto Public Library to say ‘no thanks’ then what could be? Seriously, why would the Library be concerned about letting the modern day descendants of book burners use their space…?

June 8, 2017 – This is for serial defamer Ezra Levant who now owes lawyer Khurrum Awan $168,000 in damages and costs + interest after the Supreme Court refused to grant him leave for his Hail Mary appeal of the libel judgment against him.

First Giacomo Vigna, then me x4, now Khurrum Awan – bravo to my fellow plaintiffs for standing up for themselves against Ezra Levant’s vicious lies.