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May 5, 2017 – Ernst Zundel will not be shacking up with the Missus again any time soon…

Filed under the ‘what ever happened to Holocaust-denier/criminal Ernst Zundel anyway?’ For those who may have forgotten how Ernst’s story played out, a helpful recap:

2000 – Ernst is about to go down in flames at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for Internet hate propaganda. Ernst hates Canada. Ernst flees to the US and vows to live out his sunset years with super-new love of his life/3rd wife/webmaster Ingrid Rimland in Pigeon Forge, TN.

2003 – Ernst overstays his visa welcome in the US and the INS punts him back to Canada. Canada, having been burned once, encourages Ernst to keep on trucking back to his native Germany. ‘Whoa!’ says Ernst, I love Canada again and need protection from my German homeland who want to lock me up just for being a hate propagandist! Please help Canada, I’m sorry I said what I said! I’m a refugee!

2005 – Canada says, no way Ernst, you scorned us, promised us you’d never be back, and… we think you’re a national security threat since your political love life has involved a veritable who’s who in the zoo of the violent neo-Nazi movement. Back to Germany you go!

Germany says, wilkommen!, we’ve been waiting for you! Ernst is tried and the welcome mat for Mannheim Prison is rolled out for the “moral arsonist”/criminal and Ernst is a guest of the Kaiser for 5-years.

Ernst is released from his German prison home and longs to be reunited with his main squeeze Ingrid in America. How she pines for me. But the US Homeland Security says, “Ernst Zundel? You’re not Barbie, you’re more the ‘boom, Guantanamo Bay’ type baby!” Or at least, “we’ve got enough moral turpitude criminals, thank-you very much”!

Poor Ernst. What’s a Holocaust-denying, national security threat to do? Where are Ernst’s flying super-secret Nazi spaceships when he need’s them!?

March 1, 2017 – How did a British Holocaust denier on trial for her anti-Jewish hate propaganda enter Canada to do a speaking tour where Blood and Honour, the neo-Nazi group helping to organize is described as a violent, right-wing extremist org by the RCMP?

If she lied to enter Canada, will the government take the appropriate action to remove her à la her comrade David Irving?

Parliament passed a unanimous motion in 2015 condemning anti-Semitism and calling on the government to “continue advancing the combating of anti-Semitism as a domestic and international priority.” Now is the time to put those words into action.