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1. Michael Mann v Mark Steyn et al. – Far-right windbags falsely attack a legitimate academic who writes about climate change – they go after his scientific integrity and strangely enough get sued for libel. I just finished reading the latest decision from the District of Columbia’s Court of Appeals where they dismiss motions from the defendants arguing that Mann’s libel action is a SLAPP suit. If you read pp 97-101, I think you’ll agree that the defendants are screwed when three judges of a Court of Appeals again nuke your defences and point out investigations into Michael Mann repeatedly upheld the personal and professional integrity of his climate research. I thought they were screwed after the trial judge’s decision, now I think they’re super-screwed. A pox on the media outlets that supported the windbags.

The defendants may continue trying to bog the process down, but if I were them I’d apologize, settle, and ask for a confidentiality clause to cover just how much they paid.

Given the above and the Awan v Levant victory, December 22 is a day that will live on in Canadian and American history not in infamy but clearly the opposite – in famy.

2. Khurrum Awan v Ezra Levant – Ontario Court of Appeal unanimously rejects Levant appeal against trial court finding that he owes Khurrum Awan $80,000 in damages plus costs. Court of Appeal adds further $15,000 in costs for lost appeal. More to follow but Bravo Zulu to Khurrum Awan for defending himself against Levant’s vicious attacks.

3. Geert WILDERS, criminal.

Now that Dutch xenophobic MP Geert WILDERS has finally been held criminally responsible for his hate propaganda, Canadians can take it as an early Christmas present that he will no longer be darkening our nation’s doorstep.

For Wilders, s. 36(2)(b) of the Immigration Act appears to make him inadmissible for criminality given that he’s been convicted of the equivalent of our s. 319(2) of the Criminal Code willful promotion of hatred which is an indictable offence and therefore he’s deemed to have committed an indictable offence despite the fact the Dutch Court imposed no penalty (the Act speaks of the result of a conviction, not a particular penalty).

Foreign criminals not welcome indeed.


(2) A foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of criminality for
(b) having been convicted outside Canada of an offence that, if committed in Canada, would constitute an indictable offence under an Act of Parliament, or of two offences not arising out of a single occurrence that, if committed in Canada, would constitute offences under an Act of Parliament;

(3) The following provisions govern subsections (1) and (2):
(a) an offence that may be prosecuted either summarily or by way of indictment is deemed to be an indictable offence, even if it has been prosecuted summarily;

4. Your Ward News update – interesting Law Times article on the propriety of lawyer David FAED advertising in a neo-Nazi tabloid.

Previous – There is a Toronto lawyer named David FAED who has been advertising for some time in the bigotry-filled tabloid called Your Ward News. Mr. Faed has chosen to continue advertising in this publication despite knowing of its contents given that I (and others apparently) have raised concerns with him directly.

The latest edition of Your Ward News includes material counselling the obstruction of justice by counselling male jurors to acquit men charged with sexual offences against women and girls without regard to the evidence before them.

I have expressed my concerns about a lawyer like Mr. Faed advertising alongside open bigotry to the Law Society of Upper Canada given my belief this constitutes unprofessional conduct and have asked that this latest information be added to the file.