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7 December 2018

Pete Shelley – lead singer of seminal punk band the Buzzcocks – RIP.

1 December 2018
Poor Dean Clifford, last substantive Freeman on the Land standing and still can’t get no respect. Now declared a vexatious litigant in Alberta in a case that he was playing puppet master for his latest victim, one Vanessa Landry who is also now a vexatious litigant for the sin of buying into and repeating Clifford’s nonsense.

Burnaby49 on the Quatloos website has as good a commentary as I might make, so it’s worth simply writing ditto.

The actual declaration by Justice Thomas of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench can be found here. Costs against Landry _and_ Clifford – ouch! Poor Dean…

29 October 2018

On the libel action launched by former UBC creative writing Chair Steven Galloway

A friendly asked me today what I made of the decision by former UBC prof Steven Galloway to sue a bunch of people who had made or repeated allegations of sexual assault against him in relation to a former student. Galloway was subsequently dismissed by UBC.

I didn’t know much about Galloway or the incidents at UBC apart from limited media articles I’d read previously, but tonight I read the claim and some of the surrounding background. I’m far from having engaged in an exhaustive study, but I sent the following thoughts to my friend:

1. Many of the defendants who are being sued for comments from 2015-2016 will raise defences that those issues are beyond the 2-year statute of limitations in BC for civil actions and that Galloway can’t bootstrap subsequent comments by others to get around that. Also that Galloway’s allegation that he couldn’t take civil action until now because of UBC-related investigations may not hold up either.

2. Galloway has top-flight legal counsel who has a great deal of experience about libel actions.

3. If the Statement of Claim is accurate, defendants who made recent (ie. 2018), outright claims of rape while naming Galloway on Twitter put themselves at some pretty substantial legal risk that I would seek legal advice on ASAP.

4. If the lawsuit goes ahead, the full investigative report into the incidents by Justice Mary Ellen Boyd will likely be filed in Court and become public – this may affect people’s positions depending on what it says.

5. BC has introduced anti-SLAPP legislation that passed First Reading in the legislature on 15 May 2018 and can be found here.

– Section 2 of the Bill mandates that if the Bill is passed, it will affect existing lawsuits that are ongoing and future lawsuits:

“This Act applies in respect of proceedings commenced at any time before or after this Act comes into force.”

– under those circumstances, I would anticipate that the day after the anti-SLAPP Bill becomes law that any defendants in the suit will bring motions to dismiss Galloway’s action as a SLAPP suit. The Bill mirrors similar anti-SLAPP legislation in Ontario and it provides a very high hurdle to successfully pursuing libel actions and carries substantial costs consequences against plaintiffs whose actions are dismissed. Libel litigation can usually be measured in years, so presuming the Bill will eventually pass, it will expose Galloway to a fair bit of legal risk when (if) it does. If it passes, the legal risk would be so high that I think that fine line between brave/foolhardy litigant would be engaged.

So, for what it’s worth, that’s what I think about the Steven Galloway libel lawsuit…

22 September 2018

It’s a party – congratulations to my former lawyer Pam MacEachern who was sworn in as a Judge of the Superior Court of Ontario yesterday!

Best known for lots of stuff, but my personal favourites are for taking on anti-Jewish haters as counsel for the Canadian Human Rights Commission in Warman v Kyburz, bigoted defamers like disgraced ex-teacher Paul Fromm, or providing the initial legal opinion in successfully overturning a Canadian donation of roughly $250,000 to US neo-Nazi group the National Alliance.

Rock the Bench!

10 August 2018

Convicted criminal and British Columbia resident Arthur Topham has been arrested this week for breach of probation conditions that he stop spreading hate propaganda through the Internet. The probation conditions stem from his 2017 conviction for spreading anti-Jewish hate propaganda that the trial judge described as “vile and degrading” at sentencing.

“Harry Abrams and B’nai Brith have demonstrated great leadership in holding Arthur Topham accountable for his criminal hate propaganda attacking the Jewish community,” says lawyer and CAN Board Member Richard Warman.

Warman worked in cooperation with Abrams and B’nai Brith throughout the case and would like to thank the investigating police officers from the British Columbia integrated hate crimes team noting that “even Arthur Topham describes them as polite and professional – high praise from a criminal hatemonger you’re arresting.”

Len Rudner, another part of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network team, acted as an expert witness at Topham’s trial.

More on the original case here.

12 July 2018

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network website is now live!

Pleased to be a Board Member of this new collection of human rights advocates working to monitor and counter hate group activity in Canada.

This calls for music!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Donate to this important effort!

New anti-hate organization calls on Canadian law enforcement to investigate and
prosecute alleged neo-Nazi recruiter operating in Montreal

Toronto – A new anti-hate organization is calling on Canadian law enforcement
agencies to fully investigate a neo-Nazi who is reportedly recruiting from his home in Montreal.

According to an investigation by the Montreal Gazette, a prominent neo-Nazi figure
and propagandist named ‘Zeiger’ has been exposed as Canadian Gabriel Sohier Chaput
living in Montreal, Quebec.

“We cannot overstate how important it is to stand up to neo-Nazis like Zeiger, who are producing radicalization materials aimed at teenagers and defend the use of violence,” said Evan Balgord, Executive Director at the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAN).

CAN has been conducting its own months-long parallel but separate investigation into
Zeiger. “We are confident that there is a basis for criminal charges to be laid against Chaput, ” said Balgord. “We look forward to assisting the ongoing investigations into Zeiger’s activities and the alt-right movement in Canada.”

CAN is a non-partisan, non-profit which brings together Canada’s foremost researchers
on hate groups and hate crimes, legal experts, and leaders in communities targeted by
hate groups.

“Domestic hate groups are a growing threat in Canada, yet up until now, there has been no organization to counter groups like the alt-right neo-Nazis, Soldiers of Odin, Northern Guard, Blood and Honour, and the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam,” said Bernie Farber, founding board member and chair of the new organization. Farber is the former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress and of the Mosaic Institute.

“The mass killings carried out by Alexandre Bissonnette and Alek Minassian
demonstrate how dangerous these hateful ideologies are to all Canadians” added

CAN’s mandate is to research, monitor, expose and counter hate groups in Canada, to
provide information to journalists, law enforcement, policy makers, and community
organizations, and to provide education and raise awareness of hate groups in Canada.
CAN has been endorsed by the renowned U.S.-based Southern Poverty Law Center.

11 September 2017
“Who’d have thought we’d have a Nazi problem in 2017? Richard Warman did.” “Punching Nazis With the Law” podcast with host Jesse Brown on Canadaland.