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23 November 2017 – letter of concern to Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Members of the Ottawa Public Library Board of Directors, and Library Management:

Dear Mayor Watson, Councillors Tierney and McKenney, Members of the Ottawa Library Board, Ms. McDonald, Ms. Désormeaux, and Mr. Westenbroek:

I am writing to you with regard to media reports of a room booking at the main Ottawa public library on Saturday by a group calling itself ‘Act For Canada’ to show a film called “KILLING EUROPE” [sic]. I am writing because there has clearly been a mistake in that the initial media reports indicate that the library intends to permit the booking to proceed despite it being in clear violation of the library’s own rental policy prohibiting the use of space for discriminatory purposes (excerpt below).

Indeed, that library policy simply restates the library and the City of Ottawa’s legal responsibilities under s. 1 of the Ontario Human Rights Code that bars discrimination in the provision of services on the basis of prohibited grounds including race, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, and creed that are relevant in this case.

After learning of the purported event, I conducted 5-minutes of rudimentary online research about the film and ‘Act For Canada’. The messages that can clearly be seen from even the short 3-minute trailer for the film “KILLING EUROPE” include that immigrants engage in gang rape and that Muslims perpetrate massacres.

With regard to the group ‘Act For Canada’, I attach a copy of their latest November newsletter that publishes what is clearly anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant hate propaganda including:

p8 – grotesque cartoon caricatures of blacks, “pakis”, and “illegals”

p10 “What we have seen in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Britain, France, Ireland are injections of unskilled immigrants costing billions of dollars in welfare expenses, continuous terrorist acts by Muslims, and persistent incidents of sexual assaults and gang rapes against white women.”

p15 “The more non-Muslims are killed, abused and enslaved, the more the truth of Islam and the supremacy of Allah are proven with the screams of the wounded, the dying and the families of the dead. This is Islam. This is what it was in 628. That’s what it is today. “Allahu Akbar” is a mandate to kill non-Muslims. A Muslim terrorist taking a gun, a knife or a truck and attacking non-Muslims is living out, “Allahu Akbar”. He’s showing that Islam is superior.” [all sic]

Ottawa is renowned as a cosmopolitan, multicultural, and welcoming place. Libraries are intended to expand human knowledge and understanding, not to be used as platforms for those who disseminate hate propaganda against our Muslim neighbours.

I urge you in the strongest possible terms to correct the media’s mistaken impression that the rental by ‘Act For Canada’ to show ‘KILLING EUROPE’ on Saturday at the main Ottawa public library will be allowed to happen there, or anywhere else on City of Ottawa property. I am deeply concerned that if the event is permitted to proceed, it would constitute a breach of s. 1 of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


Richard Warman
Barrister and Solicitor

The Library will not provide public space, facilities and/or properties within its jurisdiction to an individual or group that supports or promotes views, ideas or presentations which promote or are likely to promote discrimination, contempt or hatred to any person on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, sex, marital status, family status, sexual preference, or disability, gratuitous sex and violence or denigration of the human condition. The Library reserves the right to cancel a contract if any of the above-noted circumstances arise.

cc: Ottawa Citizen
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