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Latest update –

1. This is for the guy with the Sigue Sigue Sputnik shirt – Punks not dead!

2. I’ve been to see Denial at the Toronto International Film Festival – the new film about David Irving’s self-immolation when he launched a libel suit against US academic Deborah Lipstadt who called him out for his Holocaust-denial. Irving would ultimately be hoisted by his own petard (and bankrupted in the bargain) when Justice Gray found he really was a racist and Holocaust-denier.

Top marks to all those involved in the film for succeeding in turning a libel trial into something worthy of the big screen.

David Hare who adapted Lipstadt’s book on the trial for the film has written an
excellent article on the film in the Guardian.

It seems poetic justice that an actor who played a rat in Harry Potter should take the role of David Irving – this is character acting at its finest.